Cut the fruit into small pieces or slices; the pan should be greased.

Maple syrup is also ideal for a sweet raclette. Held briefly under the grill, the delicious ingredients not only spread a pleasant scent, but also give off their taste to the fruit.

Recipe: sweet raclette with pear and camembert

Whether savory or sweet raclette – both variants can be easily prepared in the small pans. A delicious idea for the New Year’s party is, for example, the combination of camembert and pears. The ingredients can also be alcoholic. For this recipe you will need the following ingredients for two people:

5 pears, 150 g Camembert, 250 ml red wine, cinnamon and sugar, a little lemon juice


First peel the pears and cut them into thicker pieces. Drizzle a little lemon juice over the pears so that they don’t turn brown later. Put the wine in a saucepan with a pinch of cinnamon and sugar and heat it up for one Now add the pears, which you cook until soft in the stock. Then place the soft fruit in the pans and sprinkle some Camembert over them. Now everything comes together in the raclette grill. As soon as the cheese is golden brown, you can consume sweet dish.

Recipe: raclette with walnuts and grapes

Do you prefer a nutty, less sweet taste? Then you will be amazed by this recipe: sweet raclette with grapes, nuts and Gorgonzola cheese. You should have the following ingredients ready for four people:

600 g blue or white grapes (pitted) 500 g Gorgonzola (creamy) 300 g walnuts (peeled)


First, wash the grapes and drain the water, remove the stalks and cut the fruit in half, thinly slice the gorgonzola and place it with the walnuts and grapes, then you can line the pans with grapes and nuts, respectively, everything Cover with Gorgonzola and bake in the raclette grill until the cheese has run.

Redcurrant jelly also looks good in the Gorgonzola pans. A wine – both red and white – goes perfectly with this recipe.

Recipe: grilled bananas

Grilling bananas has long been the trend and is the crowning glory of a hearty raclette evening. Children especially will love this dessert.

To do this you need for 2 servings:

1 banana, 1 tbsp Nutella, ashleymadison 1 tbsp honey, 1 tbsp grated coconut, a little cinnamon


Cut the bananas into slices. The thinner you cut them, the crispier they will be. Now place the bananas on the pans and spread the Nutella and honey generously over the bananas. If the bananas are already heated, sprinkle the desiccated coconut and cinnamon over them and you have a simple but delicious raclette dessert.

Recipe: raclette pancakes

The sweet classic is easy to prepare in a raclette pan. The pancake can easily be combined with your favorite ingredients. You will need these ingredients:

Pancake batter (according to the basic recipe) Oil, margarine or butter for greasing Bananas or raspberry toppings of your choice


Cut the fruit into small pieces or slices; the pan should be greased. Then add two to three tablespoons of pancake batter and a small handful of the fruit. The batter should bake in the raclette for about 5 minutes until it is light golden brown. The finished pancake can be topped with sauce, crumble or cinnamon and sugar. High cosiness factor: Raclette recipes – basic ingredients and new ideas Hearty side dish: Cook fresh red cabbage – that’s the perfect way to do it To "Grandmother Art": This is how the potato soup tastes like at grandma’s Stiftung Warentest 2019: Raclettes with table grill

If you don’t want to miss out on hearty raclette, you can offer the sweet variations as a dessert. This not only pleases the children at the table. In any case, you should prepare the raclette well to avoid mistakes and to guarantee a relaxed meal for everyone.

Sources used: Own

Raclette is very popular at Christmas or New Year’s Eve. But some pet owners put their protégés in mortal danger. Because there is still no antidote for the raclette danger.

If you keep parrots or budgies as pets, you should avoid raclette. The magazine warns that if the raclette plate or the pans overheat, gases are generated that are poisonous for birds "A heart for animals". The reason for this is the non-stick coating of the devices.

Raclette recipes: basic ingredients and new ideasRaclettes put to the test: These are the top devicesThese are different: Refined raclette recipes for gourmets Happy New Year: the checklist for your 2019 New Year party

If the birds come into contact with the gases, it is life-threatening for the animals. There is no antidote. Briefly moving the birds to another room does not help either. Because the gases are volatile and can also get into locked rooms and other floors. Bird keepers should therefore not use devices with a non-stick coating.

Sources used: dpa magazine news agency "A heart for animals" (Edition 12/2019)

Without him, nothing works with raclette: cheese. But what varieties should be used for melting? Is there a milder alternative to classic raclette cheese? And how much cheese should you plan on per person?

Interesting facts about Valais raclette cheeseWhich types of cheese are suitable for raclette? Which cheese melts best? How much cheese should you plan for per person?

Cheese plays the main role in raclette. But not everyone likes the classic raclette cheese, some – especially children – prefer a milder taste or want variety in the pan. Here you can find out what distinguishes typical raclette cheese, which other types of cheese you can use and what amount you should plan for per person.

Interesting facts about Valais raclette cheese

Several types of cheese are sold under the name raclette cheese. The Valais raclette cheese from the Swiss Valais is considered the original. It has a fat content of around 50 percent and is made from raw milk. Warning, therefore it is not suitable for pregnant women.

Raclette – the sociable meal
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The easily melting cheese is produced in flat loaves with a diameter of 25 to 40 centimeters. The cheese is ivory in color and has only a few holes. Its bark is yellowish to reddish. It can be eaten with you. You can buy this cheese on "Raclette Suisse"Symbol or on the label "Valais raclette AOC" detect.

Valais raclette cheese is available in the varieties Bagnes, Orsières and Goms.

Which types of cheese are suitable for raclette?

In addition to the classic raclette cheese, other types of cheese are also suitable for raclette:

Mozzarella: The cheese has a relatively neutral taste and melts very well. Combining particularly well with tomatoes and basil, the pan becomes an Italian classic. Mozzarella also tastes very good for all ingredients that already have a strong taste of their own. Butter cheese and young Gouda: These two types are particularly mild and are often eaten by children or by people who do not like a strict cheese taste. Tilsiter: Tilsiter is also suitable for raclette. It is more aromatic than butter cheese and Gouda. Cheddar or mountain cheese: Cheddar and mountain cheese are ideal for those who like it spicier. The latter, for example, is also available with various herb rinds, which can be added to the pan and thus ensure a special flavor. Gorgonzola: Lovers of blue cheese will enjoy Gorgonzola in their raclette pan. Its tart, strong aroma goes wonderfully with the sweetness of pear slices, figs or cranberry sauce.Camembert: With Camembert, the raclette becomes particularly spicy and creamy. This cheese can also be combined well with pears and cranberries, but also with walnuts.

Cheese: 200 to 250 grams of raclette cheese per person is usually sufficient. (Source: frederique wacquier / Getty Images)

Which cheese melts best? 

The higher the fat content of a cheese, the better it runs and is therefore suitable as a raclette cheese. The fat content of the most common types of raclette cheese can be found in the table:

Type of cheese Fat content per 100 g
Original Valais raclette cheese 28 g
Cheddar 33 g
Mountain cheese 30 g
Blue cheese, e.g. Gorgonzola 27 g
Gouda cheese 45 g
Butter cheese 25 g
Mozzarella 17 g
Camembert 24 g
Tilsiter 26 g

High cosiness factor: Raclette recipes – basic ingredients and new ideas Recipe ideas: Make your own dips for raclette and fondue Cheese classics: fondue and raclette – tasty treats for New Year’s Eve Delicious and individual: These raclettes ensure more enjoyment

How much cheese should you plan for per person?

As a rule of thumb: 200 to 250 grams of raclette cheese per person is sufficient. Depending on the type of cheese, you should remove the rind from the loaves and cut the cheese into slices. In this way, the guests can later simply help themselves to the cheese at the table and heat it up in their pans.

Sources used: own research

However you use the cream – as whipped cream for your fruit cake, as a hood for your coffee or cocoa, as a cover for the wintry Pharisee or as a base and decoration for your cake – the trade offers a wide range of dairy products, alternatively you can use cream but also do it yourself.

The variant with raw milk

If you want to try a simple method to make your own cream, prepare your own creation with untreated raw milk. You can get these directly from the farmer or in the organic shop. For your cream, first pour the milk into a container and just let it stand for the time being. The fat in the milk then rises to the surface and forms a layer of cream. You skim it off with a ladle and get your cream. Incidentally, the dairy works according to this principle, with the difference that the process is accelerated by centrifugation. Be sure to boil the milk beforehand to kill pathogens. This is particularly advisable when using raw milk.

Why not long-life milk?

So if you want to use homogenized milk for cream processing, don’t be surprised if you don’t succeed in skimming. Since the fat globules in the milk are crushed by high pressure during homogenization in order to make them more durable, no cream layer can form. You must therefore use milk that has a fat content of at least three percent. At five percent, raw milk is the richest in fat, so you are guaranteed to succeed in your cream creation even as a beginner.

Fruit cake: How to make cake topping yourself

Make cream yourself from milk and butter

For this you take half a liter of commercially available milk with 3.8 percent fat content and 250 grams of butter. Put the milk in a saucepan and warm it up. Make sure it doesn’t start to boil, otherwise the skimming will not work. Add the butter in small pieces to the warmed milk and dissolve them in it. Then take the pan off the stove and pour the milk-butter mixture into a mixer. Use this to beat the liquid until it has a foamy consistency and then pour the mixture into a bowl that is refrigerated for about 24 hours. You can then use the cream in the kitchen for cooking or for further processing as whipped cream. Make sure that your cream does not curdle if you beat it for too long, because this will “tear the network, the trapped air escapes and the fat globules clump”, says the knowledge page “”.

Ice cream is not only popular on hot summer days. The refreshing dessert tastes particularly delicious if you make it yourself.